Become Your Own Brand and Build a Loyal Clientele with Your Own Products.

Establish your own private label brand of skin care products with our collection of proven advanced formulas.

* Several well-known brand name cosmetic and skin care suppliers undercut esthetician and beauty professionals by selling to customers through major retail outlets or online beauty supplies sites.

* Having your own private label product line helps you protect your retail profits and your relationship with your customers.

* Having your own brand helps you promote and secure your business.

* Having your own brand guarantees you will not be undersold by major retail outlets such as Sephora and Ulta or by online e-commerce web sites.
*Our collection of private label products represents some of the most advanced skin care formulas currently available on the market.

* Each product contains a specialized blend of the most efficient and effective active ingredients known to the industry.

* Each formula combines the latest scientific discoveries with proven natural botanical ingredients to achieve maximum results.

* Our professional team of researchers and chemists is continually researching, developing, and manufacturing new formulas to bring you new varieties of skin care products to offer to your customers.

* All of our products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility, under FDA and strict cGMP guidelines.
* Initial order 12 products per item plus one free tester.

* Minimum reorder 6 per product.

* No minimum number of products required. You can order just one product to private label.

* No minimum dollar amount.
Option 1:
* SCF will design, print and affix your labels for each product you order. You simply supply the logo.

* There is a one-time fee of $45 to design a label for each product you order.

* Cost to print and affix labels to your products is $.50/label. (for example - when you place an order for 6 bottles of your product - the total cost of $3.00 for the labels.)

Option 2:
* SCF will send you specs for each label for each product you order so that you may design, print and affix your own labels.

* SCF will ship your product order with no labels.